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Leadership Team

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Product Jaunter - sam@wejaunt.com

Sam used to work in the City during the week and Jaunt at the weekend. Finding the latter far more memorable, he flipped the balance and made Jaunting the focus of more than just his free time. He leads our team of Jaunt-builders, and when he's not putting Jaunts together he'll most likely be spending his time talking and writing about them.

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Tech Jaunter - will@wejaunt.com

Will is in charge of tech at WeJaunt. With his love of coding and his academic maths background, he's well placed to do so. As well as leading our tech team, Will has worked as a professional basketball player, and having moved around quite a bit during his basketball career, he knows a thing or two about fixing up a memorable weekend at short notice.

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Community Jaunter - carol@wejaunt.com

Carol is probably the most important member of the WeJaunt team. As well as shutting down some of our more off-piste Jaunt ideas, as lead creative she puts in all of the hard yards when it comes to designing and decking out our Jaunts and other events. Carol's also a phenomenal chef, which means no Jaunt is ever approved until she's vetted the food on offer - which is no bad thing for all you Jaunters!