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WeJaunt is a marketplace for short group trips. Through WeJaunt, hotels, tour companies, events and activity providers can offer group packages to our member-base of young professionals. On the buy-side, our users are typically cash-rich and time-poor, work hard during the week and want to make the most of their weekends.

Our Jaunts are typically open to groups of between 8 and 24 people in size. By selling to groups in this way, our Jaunt Providers benefit from economies of scale and are able to fill excess capacity in one fell swoop.

Some Jaunt Providers choose to sell packages through WeJaunt that they host in full. Others look to collaborate with other local providers to offer a package which is more attractive by virtue of the sum of its parts. Either way, through our online and mobile platform, we provide more bookings, increased custom and repeat business for our partner providers.


Mixing events, activities and group meals, our Jaunts are designed to give Jaunters the feeling that they have really made the most of their weekends and short breaks.

Some of our Jaunts are designed to be more active than others, For example, we host packages including mountain biking, climbing, windsurfing and a military assault course.

However, other Jaunts are more relaxed and include, for example, wine testing, spa sessions or countryside walking.

As a rough guide, Jaunts should include at least one activity and one group meal or event each day.

For examples of the type of Jaunt that we currently offer, view our Jaunt List by clicking here.

Jaunt Providers

Although not an exhaustive list, examples of suitable Jaunt Providers include:


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