Make every weekend memorable

The Prestige

Windsurfing | SUP | Gourmet Dining | Walking & Wine

Kent, UK

Private cottage

Arrival and departure by train | In-Jaunt transport by car and by foot

Minimum size is 14 and we max out at 20

Open to both groups and individuals - we can build your Jaunt crew!

£ 370 per person


Prosecco hamper aboard train to Kent
Welcome dinner cooked by your private chef


Rousing group breakfast
Windsurfing lesson or SUP
BBQ dinner, drinks included


Lazy group brunch
Countryside walk, wine tasting & vinyard tour
Three course country pub Sunday Roast
Return by train

The Prestige owes its brilliance to its triple W - the combination of windsurfing, wine and countryside walking. For a weekend out of the city where relaxation should play just as much of a role as activities, this is the Jaunt. With a private chef serving up specials for the group, a wine tour and some delightful walking in the Kent countryside, The Prestige ticks all of the boxes. And if you want to put a bit more air in your lungs and action in your legs, then take advantage of nearby windsurfing or stand up paddle boarding.



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The Jaunters' Rulebook

1 | All events and activities are optional; enjoy the Jaunt in the way that works for you.

2 | Never Jaunt alone!

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