Make every weekend memorable

The Guarantee

High Wire | Climbing | Mountain Biking | Country Pub Dining

Kent, UK

4 star country hotel

Arrival and departure by train | In-Jaunt transport by car and by foot

Minimum size is 14 and we max out at 20

Open to both groups and individuals - we can build your Jaunt crew!

£ 390 per person


Prosecco hamper aboard train to Kent
Welcome dinner, wine included


Rousing group breakfast
Morning climbing session or beginners' climbing
Trail mountain biking
Three course dinner, wine included


Lazy group brunch
High-wire rooftop adventure
Glorious Sunday roast at a country pub
Depart by train

The Guarantee is high on Action - perfect for Jaunters who like to feel like they've really made something of their weekend. First off, it's a day of climbing and mountain biking in the stunning surroundings of Bewl water, finished with a great group meal at a country pub. Then on Sunday we're off for some treetop hi-jinx complete with huge swings and zip-wires. And since after all that you'll have an appetite, we finish with a glorious Sunday roast - you'll be busy on this Jaunt, but you'll certainly be eating well.



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The Jaunters' Rulebook

1 | All events and activities are optional; enjoy the Jaunt in the way that works for you.

2 | Never Jaunt alone!

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