Make every weekend memorable

The Gourmand

Walking & Dining

Sussex, UK

4 star country hotel

Arrival and departure by train | In-Jaunt transport by car and by foot

Minimum size is 8 and we max out at 20

Open to both groups and individuals - we can build your Jaunt crew!

£ 390 per person


Prosecco hamper aboard train to Sussex
Welcome drinks and three course kick-off dinner


Lazy group brunch
Walking in the Sussex hills with trips to two local food producers
Three course private dinner, wine included


Morning stroll and prosecco fuelled brunch
Wine tasting and vinyard tour
Sunday Roast at a country pub
Return by train

Eating, drinking and socialising is the name of the game with The Gourmand. If you're the type of person who likes to relax and indulge at the weekend, leaving your sports and activities for during the week, then this is the Jaunt for you. The Gourmand takes you on a tour of foodie hangouts around Sussex, focusing on local produce and lazy post-prandial wanderings. With specially selected dining options and a local vinyard tour, this Jaunt is perfect for Jaunters who prefer conversation to competition.



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The Jaunters' Rulebook

1 | All events and activities are optional; enjoy the Jaunt in the way that works for you.

2 | Never Jaunt alone!

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