Make every weekend memorable

The Brave

Wine Tasting | Mountain Biking | Spa Visit | Country Dining

Sussex, UK

4 star country hotel

Arrive and depart by train | In-Jaunt transport by car

Minimum size is 12 and we max out at 20

Open to both groups and individuals - we can build your Jaunt Crew!

£ 330 per person


Prosecco hamper aboard train to Sussex
4 star country hotel
Three course welcome dinner, wine included


Rousing breakfast
Trail mountain biking
Afternoon spa session
Three course dinner, wine included


Lazy group breakfast
Wine tasting & vinyard tour
Three course Sunday Roast
Depart by train

Alternative Itineraries

The Brave kicks off with a stonker of a welcome meal to set your Jaunt Crew up for Saturday's mountain biking excursion. Following your off-road work-out, and prepped with a prosecco-fuelled lunch, The Brave slows you down and chills you out with a relaxing spa afternoon. Then it's off for a three course dinner and drinks to give your night a bit of spark. Sunday is reserved for Indulgence, with a big breakfast followed by wine tasting and a vinyard tour, and then a long Sunday roast in the afternoon. With The Brave, you'll be excited, thrilled and recharged in equal measure - what a combo!



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The Jaunters' Rulebook

1 | All events and activities are optional; enjoy the Jaunt in the way that works for you.

2 | Never Jaunt alone!

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