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Archery, Canoeing, Forest Walks and Capers under a canopy

Wednesday Wishlist | Capers under a canopy

"A secluded log cabin set in the heart of an ancient forest is our destination. Built from the same dark trees that now threaten to swallow it whole, it’s warm and cosy, with wooden interiors and hanging furs that give it an understated magnificence and echo its impressive arboreal backdrop."

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Storico Carnevale di Ivrea

Wednesday Wishlist | Storico Carnevale di Ivrea

"In the run up to Ash Wednesday, the streets of the tiny town of Ivrea near Turin are transformed into a raging battleground filled with horse-drawn carts, mercenaries and… oranges."

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Skiing with the Scots

Wednesday Wishlist | Skiing with the Scots

"Ravenous after tearing around the pistes for a couple of hours, our Jaunt Crew retires to the Ptarmigan at the top of Cairngorm. Spicy highland sausage casserole is on the menu, and the panoramic views from the UK’s highest restaurant (3,600ft) keep us all entertained as we warm through and fill up."

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Wednesday Wishlist 1

Wednesday Wishlist | The Jaunts we wish we were going on...

"Living in the UK means dealing with at least four months of the year where the weather is cold and the days short. For some of us, the chill is not a thrill. At times like these, appetites for spending all day hidden indoors soar to a wintry high, spurred on by the sight of grey skies and wind-tousled trees."

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Paradoxical Nature of Too Much Time

The Paradoxical Nature of Too Much Time

"Then I was jettisoned out into real life; the big bad world. I’d got the job I wanted, doing what I loved, with a time commitment that most people would kill for. I was working maximum 35 hours a week, with at most 3 days in a row, and part of my job was an essential focus on rest; the world of professional sport for you."

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WeJaunt HQ

Making every weekend memorable...

"So, if love is the best feeling in the… Oh shit, I thought I was on to something there, but it’s just been pointed out to me that there is in fact, no debate on the point. There is a best feeling in the world. Fact."

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Fat Freddys Drop at Village Underground London

My life should feel like 7:08 on Fat Freddy’s Drop’s Shiverman, played very loud.

"Lost in the hubbub of the live performance, wave after wave of music that moves culminated in the brass drop highlight of FFD’s song Shiverman and simultaneously, collective euphoria in the arena."

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Ball sports are my staples, but horse racing is glorious!

"I’ve always been first and foremost a ball sports guy. Growing up I was all about driveway basketball games with my brothers and Sunday football matches on lumpy pitches set to the sound of excited parents."

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Is learning the piano the same as hanging one-handed from a 250 foot crane?

"The action in these films is in equal parts unnerving and inspiring. It’s gripping, but at the same time it can be frightening. Across the board it’s thought-provoking."

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