Make every weekend memorable


People love Jaunting for loads of different reasons. For the WeJaunt team, one of the main incentives is to see new places and meet new people. Beautiful photography and exciting video inspire us to get out, do new things and explore the opportunities around us. To those who have captured the moments and places that inspire us, we say thank you!

akunamatata, Flickr   |    
Trail port de la montagne gopro 2012 (2)

alex lang, Flickr   |    
a feudal picnic basket

BluEyedA73, Flickr   |    
Six Weeks Til Greece... Cheers To That!

Capture Queen, Flickr   |    
Dancing Flames

charlesdyer, Flickr   |    

Click-mallorca, Flickr   |    
Mallorca party boat

cobalt123, Flickr   |    
Warm Neighborhood Gathering

Colm Britton, Flickr   |    
Oink oink

ctaloi, Flickr   |    
Tonight's Dinner: Pork Chops

dMap Travel Guide, Flickr   |    
you need time for you

Eli Christman, Flickr   |    
Fearless Friday High Ropes Course

futureshape, Flickr   |    
Bewl Water

Funk Dooby, Flickr   |    

Goproo3, Flickr   |    
Lyon Extra Race

hairibaba, Flickr   |    
Saturdays are for adventure. What a magnificent view. Awesome weekend.

I Robertson, Flickr   |    
Musselburgh Races_1309

mendhak, Flickr   |    
Denbie's Wine Estate

Moyan_Brenn, Flickr   |    
Party Relax

Nana B Agyei, Flickr   |    
Later Afternoon Sun

Photographing Travis, Flickr   |    

rabbipredro, Flickr   |    
HTN Colour (63 of 77)

Simon, Flickr   |    
Palace Pier, Brighton-007

Swaminathan, Flickr   |    
Dinner @ The Village Pub

Theodore Scott, Flickr   |    
Wine Cellar at a Monastery

ukgardenphotos, Flickr   |    
Lady's Walk, Ashridge Forest, Hertfordshire, England | Late Autumn Views (1 of 9)

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Flickr   |    
Clay Pigeons

wsilver, Flickr   |    
Fun at the beach

Zach Dischner, Flickr   |    
Wheelie, Bro

villunderlondon, Flickr   |    
Fat Freddy's Drop

Firecracker Films and EOFT   |    

Matt Matches, Flickr   |    

_dChris, Flickr   |    
Karibik Cruise 2014

Stuart Gordon, Flickr   |    
Gleouraich ViewSW 2

Carmelo Speltino, Flickr   |    
Giusto per dare un'idea